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Conscious Uncoupling

Julia offers Conscious Uncoupling coaching sessions to individuals struggling with a potentially dissolving relationship, or in the process of separation or divorce.  The goal is not so much to “uncouple” from each other, but to refocus on uncoupling from unconscious patterns and beliefs that are sabotaging you and your relationships.  The Conscious Uncoupling process can help to create clarity and change in a stagnant, troubled relationship or bring a gentle, healing closure on a dissolving relationship.

It is a 6-9 week process done in conjunction with the book “Conscious Uncoupling” by Kathrine Woodward Thomas, using her 5 steps to emotional freedom.  CU is a growth journey that an individual takes on, and though by shifting your perspective and experience it affects the relationship, it is not done as a couple. 

Individual Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Sessions:

60 – 75 minute phone sessions: $160 

9 weeks prepaid: $1,550 (20% discount)

Julia Wittich

Julia is a Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Conscious Uncoupling Coach, and Rosen Method Movement Teacher.  She has over 20 years of experience as a somatic bodyworker supporting people to grow and flourish through life's challenges.  In her Rosen Method/Somatic Experiencing sessions she uses heart centered presence and touch to calm your nervous system, while approaching with gentle curiosity the places in your body and mind where traumas and beliefs have been stored. As each layer of constriction peels away, you begin to transform from who you learned to be for survival, to who you truly are.  In the Conscious Uncoupling Coaching journey she brings her many years of body awareness to midwife individuals thru the trauma of broken relationships.


Please contact Julia directly for a free initial phone consultation to see if the work is appropriate for you. or (570) 470-0748

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