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 Couple’s Connective Experience
Connection, Restorative Yoga, Sound, Reiki
with Amanda McCormick

90 Minute Session $222

Couples Connection.jpeg

Both relaxation and deeper intimacy occur when we feel safe. This 90 minute experience is designed so that you practice trusting being held and supported by the Earth and props through restorative postures in order to deepen your trust of being held and supported by your partner in life.


This intimate practice will begin with a connective partner exercise. You’ll then be guided into a few different restorative postures which will be held upwards of 20 minutes each to give the body time to adjust and soften into relaxation. The experience will close with another connective partner exercise.


Half the time of each posture will be accompanied by a live instrumental soundscape, and during the other half, each person will receive Reiki.


✨Connective exercises will build deeper relational intimacy

✨Chosen restorative postures will elicit feelings of safety in openness

✨Sound will help soften tensions of the mind and body into relaxation

✨Reiki will cleanse and infuse the body with more peace and love


Leave feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually relaxed, rejuvenated, and connected.


Perfect for anniversaries, pre- or post-wedding, birthdays, special date nights.

Learn more about your facilitator Amanda HERE.

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