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Energy Medicine

Vibrational Healing & Energy Medicine: sliding scale $80 - $160
Aura Readings ~ sliding scale $60-$120

Wisdom traditions from around the world teaches us to remember our divinity, our birthright to expanded joy, and our sacred connection to Spirit and Mother Earth. These essential qualities and perspectives are nourished by ceremony and ritual. Each healing 'ceremony' session takes place in sacred space, a safe place to commune with our spirit and receive messages from our higher and wiser self to view and feel into our life lessons/karma and purpose/dharma. 

The question is how do we get there? Vibrational healing modalities are energetic practices which work on the subtle levels of our energy bodies. Illness is driven, much of the time, by our emotions. Energy work or vibrational medicine, works to open up our energy centers or chakras, and release, transform and heal the emotional memory holograms from the energy field so we can have more life force to use on constructive purposes and feel much better. 


Healing sessions benefits: clear away sludge from the energy centers which block the flow of positive energies, ground, re-calibrate and balance the energy bodies, remove dense, toxic energies of old patterns, overcome trauma and fears, bring clarity to ones dream and vision, for soul retrieval, cutting of chords from people / thought forms /or entities, taking care of the inner child, help heal from stress, anxiety, addiction, balancing our masculine and feminine sides, healing our lineage, identifying and changing old contracts, getting to the source of dis-ease and illuminating / bringing light to the darkness.  Each session is unique and may involve one or more of the modalities. 


Antoinette is available for healing sessions at River Family Wellness, for home visits, space clearings and despacho ceremony.

Please email to reserve a session.

For more information, explore her website:

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