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Delaware Headwaters Homeopathy

Initial Visit for Wellness Education
2 Hours - $225

Follow-Up Visit
45 Minutes - $95

Additional Virtual/Office Visit
15 Minutes - $45




I am happy to be in your presence and look forward to introducing you or expanding your knowledge of, the holistic natural health modality of Homeopathy.

The science of Homeopathy has its foundation in the forward-thinking mind of Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). As a disillusioned medical doctor in his native land of Germany, Hahnemann re-tooled his career path. He chose medical transcribing and was a careful documenter in languages of French, German, Latin and Greek.  A series of pivotal events included his interest in understanding why plants, animal and mineral substances were beneficial in small amounts. His idea that “prufung” or “provings” of these substances allowed Hahnemann to advance his system of medicine- he called this "homeopathy" (“similar suffering”). The idea that a substance ingested by a healthy person would create symptoms seen in the unwell is a radical, still today in science, theory, known as “like cures like”.  Homeopathy has had a remarkable track record in successes with epidemics of the ages.  It is a gentle medicine, sourced thoughtfully in diluted form. In the US, homeopathic medicine is prepared in homeopathic pharmacies under the HPUS formulary standards of the FDA, set in 1938.     

Now into the 21st Century, homeopathy stands well-suited to help individuals of both the humankind and veterinary worlds to re-establish health.

Thank you for your interest in learning how Homeopathy may help you feel more free to experience Wellness!  I am excited for our potential teamwork!

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Colleen Clarke Rizzo

Homeopathic Practitioner

I have always loved being a holistic practitioner.  As a young homesteader in the 1970s in Bucks County, PA, living from the land included working with 55 acres in a circa1850 stone farmhouse and its barn. The lifestyle and adventure included raising,cooking and storing organic vegetables, nurturing farm animals (think goat dairy) and using natural substances for family and friends’ healing needs. 

Late in the 1970s, I was blessed and fortunate enough to secure a position right out of nursing school in a holistic health wellness center.  It was with the then-cutting-edge Clymer Health Clinic in Quakertown, PA . There I worked directly with patients being healed with diet, homeopathic and naturopathic therapies of Dr. Gene Riggins ND, DC.

My holistic health practice interest then took me to Gainesville, FL.  I trained to become a licensed massage and colon lavage therapist at the Florida School of Massage.  A fellow student from Colorado taught a course to his classmates in homeopathic first aid. I became so excited with the remarkable results! I initiated holistic academia one again, with additional study in this outstanding healing modality. I was part of several study group affiliated with the National Center of Homeopathy.

Though it has been a journey with many years of study and practice, I have never let go of the goal of becoming an educator in the use of homeopathy!  I attended the Five Elements School of Homeopathy in Mountain Lakes, NJ and have enrolled in many courses with respected international  practitioners in the field of homeopathy. You might be surprised to know that in Europe and Asia, homeopathy is well-known for its success in supporting wellness!

With 30 years of experience in working with patients and clients in neonatal and early intervention settings home and facility-based eldercare, and many places in between!  It is now my personal joy, finally, to share this very individualized and profound healing discipline with clients in the River Valley and in the Lowcountry!


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