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Healing Through Hypnosis &

Spiritual Counseling

First Visit Hypnotherapy: $90

Return Visit Hypnotherapy: $85

Spiritual Counseling / Channeled Session: $85

Healing through Hypnosis - Find healing solutions to life’s puzzles

Do you have an annoying habit or a disturbing pattern in your behavior you would like to change? Maybe you need to manage pain, deal with illness or trauma. Are you looking to solve some of the puzzles in your life? Do you have eating problems? Would you like to quit smoking? These are among the issues hypnosis can address. Hypnosis may be a good option for you.


Trance and Channeling

Trance is a resource we all have. Trance enables us to access new or different perceptions of ourselves and the world, through which we may be guided to change our lives.


Trance is also an everyday state of mind. We fall into a trance, for instance, when reading a good book, listening to music, when being sold a new product, when falling in love, or when focusing on a project. Some people fall into an altered state more easily than others, but everyone does it—it’s part of being human.


Trance comes in many forms and can be accessed when our habitual patterns of thinking are interrupted—this may happen by way of a shock, an emotional experience, or by way of a psychedelic drug. This can also occur through meditative practices and breathing exercises.

Hypnosis is a way of accessing trance

Hypnotherapy can create and utilize trance for healing. Through the hypnotic trance the therapist can guide the client into the unconscious. It is a path to freeing the client’s mind of old patterns and allowing the unconscious to come forward and find the tools, techniques and narratives for healing. The unconscious knows what needs to happen. The client does the work.


The hypnotist merely guides...

Through the hypnotic trance we enter the ‘resource state’. This is your own unconscious or super-conscious state, your very best self, which has nothing but pure wellbeing in mind. In a hypnosis session, you access your own ‘resource state,’ as well as learning how to practice this on your own.


Spiritual Counseling

I also offer channeled sessions, where I access my own trance or ‘resource state’ and offer spiritual, intuitive counseling. You can converse with me, and my super-conscious self while I am in this altered state.

Hillary Keel

MFA in Creative Writing from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, CO (spring 2012); BA in German/English from Mary Washington College (now University) in Fredericksburg, Virginia (spring 1982); German, French and English at the University of Vienna’s Institute for Translator and Interpreter Training (now Center for Translation Studies) (1984-1985); Seminar for Foreign Language Teachers at Waldorf Schools in Nuremberg, Germany (1994-1995); seminars with the Community of Translators in Vienna and the Vienna Poetry School in Vienna, Austria.

In addition, Certified Hypnotist (since 2015) with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, trained by Kristin Prevallet in Hastings on Hudson, NY, as well as practitioner of the Art of Channeling, trained by Rhiannon Augenthaler in Vienna, Austria (2008).  Born and raised in the United States, after many years in the German-speaking world, I continue my meditative and artistic practices by involving myself with healing and trance, by examining language, foreign language, poetry and prose.

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