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Private Wellness Offerings

Private Yoga One on One Sessions:

Yoga is for everyone!  We believe that yoga can benefit every single person. No matter your shape, age, or gender.  A private yoga class designed around your needs and abilities is the safest & easiest way to build a yoga practice.  Through communication and collaboration, your instructor will work with you to develop a healthy practice that meets your needs.


Private Group Sessions:

Elevate your upstate experience with tailored wellness packages from River Family Wellness!


Servicing your virtual and in-person needs within the greater Sullivan County, we want you, your family, and friends to feel grounded, relaxed, and at home in this Catskills oasis.


Whether you live here, or are here on vacation, planning an event, or looking for intimate guidance for a small or large group, our wellness services are here to cater to your needs.


We offer a range of Yoga styles, Sound Meditation, and Reiki.

Feel free to choose a la carte or mix and match for a discounted customized bundle.

Please email for more information.

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