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Energy Healing at River Family Wellness

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing by working with the body’s energetic system. During the session, you lie fully clothed on the table as hands are gently placed in a precise sequence on the front and back of your body to remove blocked energy, creating an uninterrupted energy pathway within your system. Prior to treatment your healing goals are discussed and any questions you may have are answered. After treatment you are given details of the healing and balancing that occurred during your session. In addition you will have the opportunity to share your treatment experience. Reiki is a gentle, but effective way to promote self healing, and is safe for all ages and stages of life.

Energy Healing at River Family Wellness

Reiki & Rebalance Session
60 min $85

Reiki helps to achieve and maintain an optimal state of physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual, and mental balance. It may help to relieve stress, relieve pain, release attachments, aversions, clears energy blockages and complements health imbalances.

Emotional Energy Work Reiki
75 min $100

Emotional Reiki focuses on clearing imbalances specifically pertaining to the chakra energy system. Chakra alignment is important as they correspond to nerve bundles, major organs, and our energy body that have effects on our mental, emotional and physical well-being, The client will ask 1-3 questions at the beginning of the session and receive a channeled response.

Crystal Healing Session:
60 min $90
30 min $55


Crystal Healing is a natural healing method using therapeutic crystals and gemstones. Since ancient times, many cultures have used crystals for healing. The crystals and gemstones are placed on specific energy points on the body or around the body to release stagnant energy, and emotional tension allowing the person to heal and come back into balance. The session is done fully clothed, and begins with a chakra assessment to determine the health and vitality of each chakra. Then crystals will be used to open, cleanse and strengthen each chakra. A specific crystal layout will be chosen for your specific needs and the stones will activated for their fullest healing potential and placed on or around the body to stimulate healing and restore balance. The session is very soothing and deeply relaxing as the crystals do their healing work. In this deep state of relaxation, stress is released allowing you to feel revitalized and refreshed.

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