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Amanda McCormick

Shamanic Reiki Master, Sound Bath Meditation Guide, Yoga Instructor, CHHC

Contact: - 540.845.6617 -

Due to a need to combat mental and emotional health issues and a desire to maintain longevity of body, mind, and spirit, I began a deep dive of self exploration and watched as my life slowly expanded and evolved from the quantitative aesthetic of a 20 year professional dance career (ask if you’re interested in the full spectrum of my experience) to a qualitative being-ness thanks to intense healing as well as studies, practices, and certifications in personal training (ACSM), holistic and intuitive health coaching (IIN / Stephanie Lyra Lin), yoga (300 RYT), Reiki and Shamanic Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho method / Angell Deer), meditation, sound healing, and more.

What I learned gave me a blueprint for how I show up in—and relate to—this world, others, and myself. It reconnected me to the home and knowledge within where I feel a duty, gratitude, and deep honor to share and guide others on their own journeys of healing and acceptance.

My sessions are conducted both intuitively and in collaboration with my client. I act as a conduit and guide, and empower you to remember you are an active particpant in your own healing journey.


Amanda McCormick
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