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Class Descriptions

Yoga Foundations:  This is a safe and fun class designed for beginners, or those who seek a well rounded alignment based sequence.  We focus on refining basic postures and breath work, while building strength, flexibility and awareness.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Gentle Yoga Flow:  Ease into the week with a mindful yoga practice aimed at waking up the body and refreshing your spirit. This gentle practice may also include guided meditation, yoga nidra and restorative yoga. This practice is for all levels, beginners welcome!  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Restorative Yoga:  This is a quiet grounding practice, where we move slowly with awareness and curiosity.  During this sweet restful experience, we explore breathwork, meditation, gentle movements, and dynamic stillness.  Almost all postures are in a supported reclined shape, allowing for a quiet mind, and a deep connection to self.  This class is perfect for beginners, or for those who seek a calming space for relaxation.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Freedom Through Movement:  Based on Rosen Method Movement, these classes are one hour of gentle, inspiring, and invigorating movement for peoples of all genders, ages, and levels of mobility, agility, and capability.  It's comprised of gentle, playful movements, geared to lubricate the joints, open the heart, connect

to the body, and improve stability and mobility.  It addresses those places in

our body that we have forgotten, as well as those parts that hurt, and those parts

that carry our joy.  Chair participation welcome.  (By Donation!)

Yin Yoga:  Yin Yoga is rooted in Taoist origins and focuses on seated postures that target the connective tissues in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. This all level class is a slow-paced practice ~ holding postures for anywhere between 1-10 minutes, thus increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.  The qualities of Yin are more hidden, cooler, dark and less accessible. Through steady, relaxed attention a felt sense of these internal spaces can be discovered and unblocked. As the practice continues we experience subtle energy shifts throughout a network of channels in the connective tissue called meridians. Areas of long held tension are released and the process of healing and balancing begins. Students may notice an increase in range of motion, a calmer less reactive mind and a heightened ability to stay present.  The tissues hold a personal history of all the body has encountered. As these layers peel away, so does some of the baggage that is carried. Yin is a perfect balance to our more yang lifestyle and brings with it the gifts of awareness, clarity and gentleness. Consistently done, we gain new insight into how to care for ourselves and live with more presence. ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Slow Flow Yoga:  This class will be slower paced than our vinyasa classes. Expect to hold many of the poses for at least a few breaths while working on alignment and control. Think of it as a meditation in motion.  Modifications will be offered, and all levels are welcome.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Rise & Restore Yoga:  Unwind with a sweet morning flow, followed by a rejuvenating restorative practice.  We start with relaxation and breathwork, and gently build towards grounding standing poses.  After this, we quietly move into deeply restful and restoring shapes.  A perfect balance of movement and rest to start your day.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)


Hatha Yoga:  Hatha yoga aims to balance the sun(ha) and the moon(tha) represented as the right and left side of the body. This is achieved by practicing asanas(postures) and pranayam(breathing techniques) with awareness.

In Hatha yoga, each asana is held for a long time, so the body can gain the maximum benefit from each posture as well as helping to steady the mind.  The asanas work to make the spine supple, the core strong, and bring the body in alignment. This promotes circulation in the organs, glands, and tissues. Hatha yoga postures strengthen and stretch the body, which increases balance and flexibility. ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Elemental Flow Series: Yoga / Embodiment / Meditation -  In this all level class, we create an environment for deep embodiment and move with effortless effort through the postures to find a sense of presence, ease and flow.  Each week we will embody a different element, sourcing and resourcing through the inborn therapeautic connection our bodies, hearts and minds have with the natural world:  Earth - Grounding, nourishment, stability.  Water - Flow, surrender, flexibility.  Fire - core strength, power, focus.  Air - weightlessness, movement, spaciousness, ease ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Intro to Flow Yoga:  Intro to flow, a vinyasa style yoga class suitable for all levels, focusing on alignment cues for key poses, breathe work and body/mind awareness.   ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Rise & Flow Yoga:  Rise & Flow brings together the Hatha tradition of focusing on alignment and asana (pose) practice, while also incorporating the flow and movement of a Vinyasa class. This steady and grounding practice incorporates introductory pranayama (breath control) and meditation techniques to assist in cultivating a quiet mind and senses.  This class is open to those who would like to explore and deepen their practice and strengthen their yoga foundation.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Ebb & Flow Yoga:  We can not control the ups and downs in life.  When we resist or deny this natural flow, we create suffering for ourselves and others.

This class encourages active participation in personal empowerment through

breath inspired, mindful movement appropriate for all levels of

ability and experience. Each class will offer a variety of breath, asana

and focal point options to co-create your experience according to your

personal needs in moving toward balance.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Vinyasa Yoga:  Vinyasa is a dynamic flowing practice that connects movement and breath with creative sequencing.  Through this practice, students will learn ways to improve strength, flexibility, coordination, concentration, and relaxation. 

Some previous experience is recommended.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Vinyasa Power Hour Yoga: This is a powerful, energetic form of Vinyasa yoga, where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breath to their movements.  This is a more vigorous and revitalizing form of physical fitness, with an emphasis on strengthening the core and increasing flexibility and balance.  Some previous experience is recommended.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:  In this class we'll be following the primary series sequence of Ashtanga Yoga. We will start the class learning how to breathe (ujjayi breath) and listen to our bodies. We will then begin the Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) to warm us up, move into the fundamental standing asanas (postures) and fundamental seated asanas of the practice focused on creating a balance between building strength and increasing our range of motion, all while connecting the mind, body and breath. We'll end the class with a form of meditation just before going into savasana. Some previous experience is recommended.  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga:  In this class students are instructed individually within a supported group setting according to their ability. Each student practices their own portion of the Ashtanga Yoga Series at their own pace with adjustments, verbal cues, and guidance from the teacher.   Every student’s practice time varies depending on their practice. Students new to the practice begin slowly, moving through Surya Namaskara A & B and learning Ujjayi breathing, so their practice may last up to 30 minutes, with additional asanas added one-by-one according to the individual’s capabilities both physically and mentally. More advanced practitioners’ practice may last up to an hour and 45 minutes depending on where they are in the sequence.  The shala door opens at 7:30AM and closes at 9AM. The space is open until 10:30 for those practicing!  If you've always been curious on how to begin Ashtanga or transition to Mysore...please come! Try it out!  ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Kundalini Yoga:  Most of us don’t breathe deeply enough.  We don’t move our bodies enough.  We don’t quiet our minds enough.  We don’t use the power of sound, words, voice to elevate enough.  We don’t relax deeply enough.  The practice of kundalini yoga incorporates all of these aspects with the intention of awakening and strengthening the vitality that lives in all of us. Hosanna will be teaching classes that focus on strengthening the nervous and glandular systems. Our nervous systems are constantly being challenged by inside and outside stressors. These practices will work on strengthening our nervous system so that we can manage our stress and be less nervous in tense situations.  ($10-$20 Sliding Scale)

Wu Style Tai ChiThis beginner class teaches the student how to learn tai chi from breathing to basic stance then the memory of the Wu long form.  Master Lee will instruct all names of each move and explain the application of each one.  Chi Gung breathing exercises will be a pre warm up to the lesson. **Registration required-please email**

Gong Meditation:  Marc has been exploring the far reaches of gong playing as a therapeutic, meditative, and performance modality for individuals and groups with solid results. He uses the gong and various other sound instruments in his public and private vibrational healing and meditation practice as a stand-alone treatment and in tandem with counseling and psychotherapy  Utilizing gong music as an empowering healing tool has opened new pathways of compassion and empathy for Marc and he is excited to be sharing these powerful sound waves with others.  Please contact Marc to register:

**Registration required-please email** 

($20 suggested donation)

Flexi Flow Pole:  Flexi Flow is a lead & follow pole/yoga fusion style class for those who want a workout, but with little to no tricks. We'll be doing mostly standing exercises and some light floor work. The emphasis will be on gentle intentional movements, breath, flexibility, and balance. The pole will be used primarily as a tool for assisting balance and deepening stretches.  

($15 a class or $125 for 10 class pass)

Elixir Light Healing Qi Gong and Meditations with CraigUnwind the daily tensions and stress, clear your mind, and rejuvenate your body. Explore the nature of Qi and Elixir Light Qigong.  Learn Qigong postures, exercises and meditations to awaken, empower and nourish your life energy, making you happier and healthier. This will be a fun, easy practice. Drop-in welcome. Beginners and experienced students welcome.   ($9-$15 Sliding Scale)

Bollywood Dance with SahibaThis 60 minute class will be high energy, and you will learn about the intricacies of Indian dance. Since bollywood takes influences from a lot of different styles, this class will be a blend of Indian classical, Indian folk dances and have elements of jazz and a little hip-hop.   ($15)

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