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Kim S. Spicciatie, LCSW P.C.

Licensed Clinical Social Work & Therapy

Contact:, 516-805-1858

I am honored to be the newest member of River Family Wellness. As a licensed clinical social worker since 2007 and part-time resident of Callicoon, I am excited to offer a different form of healing to this wonderful community as of April 2024.

Wellness is a unique journey, and no two paths to becoming “well”, however you define it, are the same. Sometimes it is necessary to express feelings and core beliefs by talking about them with a mental health professional to fully heal. Hurtful experiences, anger, mood problems and other difficult circumstances in one’s personal, professional or spiritual life often interfere with our peace, mental wellness, and personal growth. Unhealthy relationships, chronic anger and resentment can lead to depression & anxiety, as well as cause both physical and emotional distress. Poor boundaries (being unable to say “no” or assert yourself when necessary) are often the cause of much of our unhappiness.

With over 16 years of experience in clinical social work, please be assured that my goal of helping others achieve wellness is my passion. I am happy to share evidence-based strategies that can assist in helping patients move towards a more positive, productive, and life changing direction.

My background as a mother, stepmother, and grandmother, together with a history of assisting hundreds of clients in a variety of settings over the past 16+ years, has provided me with a compassionate and empathetic understanding of our shared human experience of life’s ups and downs, twists and turns, and the challenging needs of those around us. I look forward to assisting anyone in need.

Insurance accepted: United Healthcare, Oxford, Optum, Magnacare, Cigna, Northwell Direct
(I do not accept Medicaid or Medicare plans)

(Co-pays as required by your insurance plan are due at time of session, by credit, debit, cash or check)

Kim S. Spicciatie, LCSW P.C.
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